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The very best cycling routes Norway has to offer

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By Area

National Cycle Routes

Presently, Norway boasts nine national cycle routes, traversing 14 out of the 18 national tourist routes. These routes offer the opportunity to pedal from town to town, utilizing low-traffic roads that span the country. With some routes intersecting, cyclists can even devise round trip itineraries for added exploration.

The Wilderness Route

The part of Norway kept out of sight from the tourist brochures. No fjords, glaciers, or instagrammable places. Just the birds, squirrels, and moose to keep you company through Norway’s vast eastern forests.

Finnmark Route

This is where East meets West! Cycle the remote roads to the Russian border and experience Europe’s last wilderness along the way.

The Pilgrim Route

This is less a bike route and more a journey into the past as you follow in the footsteps of Norway’s great Viking King Olaf II. The route takes you up the historic valley of Gudbrandsdalsleden and ends at the 1000-year-old Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim


This epic across Norway is the perfect route if you want to see as much contrast in scenery in the shortest space of time. Deep valleys, powerful glaciers, Nordic forests, and one of Norway’s best fjords are on show.

Numedal & Mjølkevegen

If you want a mixture of forest and mountains, gravel and paved, warm and cold, and barren and lush then ride this one!

Hallingdal & Rallarvegen

This is a bikepacking paradise where nature, gravel, and road combine to give you an experience unlike everything else.

Fjords and Mountains

For over 150 years people have been traveling to Norway to experience the magic of its enchanting fjords and majestic mountains. To cycle this area is one for the bucket list with sites and sounds that will leave you amazed and in awe.
Telemark cycling

Telemark Canal Route

Telemark is a unique area of Norway and a hidden gem on the cycling radar. Bring a tent and explore the wonders of this vast forest and mountainous terrain. It’s the Norway you didn’t know existed.

Lindesnes – Bergen

Three cities and plenty of adventure in between. This is where the warm south meets the unpredictable west. Fjords, beaches, and the ‘devil’s teeth’ are all on the menu in this contrasting region.

Explore the Oslo
region by bike

Hundreds of kilometres of forest gravel and rolling country roads  A capital like no other.

Explore the Atlantic Coast by bike

The epic journey from Bergen to Nordkapp following the EuroVelo 1 

Day & base rides

Maps for day and overnight trips around Norway’s famous cities

Scandinavian Eurovelo

Long distance routes

EuroVelo comprises an extensive network of long-distance cycling routes that link and unify the entire European continent. This map showcases the Scandinavian routes traversing Sweden, Norway, and Finland, illustrating their intersections and connecting points.

Epic Climbs

Spectacular ways to the sky

Norway boasts over 13,000 mountains and hills rising above 100 meters. Among them, one thousand soar above 1600 meters, with around 250 surpassing 2000 meters. From smooth tarmac to rugged gravel, there are numerous fantastic road climbs awaiting discovery, and this map will pinpoint the finest among them.

Norwegian Scenic Routes

Norway’s most famous roads

The Norwegian Scenic Routes are 18 selected roads that run through landscapes with unique natural qualities, along coasts and fjords, mountains and waterfalls. The routes are intended as alternatives to the main roads, and a must for cyclists looking for epic views