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I call Norway the world’s largest adventure playground. Lying on the edge of Europe and reaching the Arctic sea, this mythical land of fjords, mountains, and glaciers make it a unique place to experience. Surprisingly, it only entices a select few cyclists each year. Images of cold and wet weather, long tunnels, challenging terrain, and a lack of practical information have kept Norway out of sight and mind for decades. 

But times are changing; the bike industry is developing like never before, the smartphone has revolutionised how we travel, and the gear has become more innovative and lighter. This incredible country has never been more accessible and we are the final piece in the jigsaw. Welcome to Cycle Norway. Your journey begins here.

Matthew Tolley, Founder of Cycle Norway, April 2023

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With over 140 incredible short and long distance routes, Norway on two wheels is accessible, viable, and ready to be discovered!

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September 23rd 2023

Cycle Norway's Annual Event

It’s been a very busy and demanding first year for Cycle Norway. We have helped hundreds of people enjoy this incredible country by bicycle. To celebrate the success, our inaugural annual event took place at the world famous Trollstigen in late September. The weather was kind, the views spectacular, and the company wonderful. Over 45 riders from all over Norway joined us for a 100km ride up and down this famous and historic road. Photos and a film from the event will be launched here and on Youtube in the coming weeks. It was a day to remember and we look forward to sharing it with you. 

Members can read the full article about the day here: https://cyclenorway.com/close-trollstigen/

Our 2024 Event dates have now been released. Join us for an incredible few days in the mountains with like-minded people from around the world. 

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Need to know

Norway: Voted Europe's Number 1 Bikepacking Destination 2023

  • According to one of the UK’s leading travel companies, Norway has been ranked number 1 for European bikepacking. Its long coastline, vast forests, high mountains, and deep fjords make it stand out as the ultimate place to Bikepack in 2024. 
  • Cycle Norway is the only place to find Norway’s most comprehensive bikepacking routes. We have everything from single-day to multiday to epic 1000km gravel routes. And experienced cyclists have tested and ridden them to ensure you get a fantastic adventure. 
  • Use our member forum to ask questions and learn more about any route on our extensive list. 
Bikepacking Norway

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Custom-made cycling holidays from the experts

Want to experience the best of Norway but unsure where to begin? Cycle Norway in cooperation with one of the leading bespoke travel companies in Norway can organize your complete holiday custom-made to your requirements. 

Latest routes

Fjord Norway

This special ride is full of climbs, descents, climbs…descents… You will be required to have a good fitness level to tackle this whole route. The highlights are never endings including Aursjøvegen, Trollstigen, Geiranger, Dalsnibba, Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, Lovatnet, Aurlandsfjellet, Rallarvegen… I could go on

Jotunheimen Gravel Explorer

Norway’s highest mountain passes meet gravel and paved roads on one of the best cycling loops on the planet. Every kilometer has breathtaking scenery. If you can handle several long climbs this is for you!

Arctic Post Road

The old Copenhagen-Alta post road deep in the arctic tundra is a must for the intrepid bikepacker looking for wild gravel roads on the edge of Northern Europe.

The Wilderness Route

The part of Norway kept out of sight from the tourist brochures. No fjords, glaciers, or instagrammable places. Just the birds, squirrels, and moose to keep you company through Norway’s vast eastern forests.

Finnmark Route

Do you want to cycle to the very last settlement on the edge of Norway and the Western world? This ride is for those looking for wilderness and all the wonder it offers.

The Pilgrim Route

This is less a bike route and more a journey into the past as you follow in the footsteps of Norway’s great Viking King Olaf II. The route takes you up the historic valley of Gudbrandsdalsleden and ends at the 1000-year-old Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim

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