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Pages from a Tolkien saga...

Norway’s heartbeat thrums along its coastal cities, where much of its population resides. But to truly embrace the essence of this unique country you must embark on a grand expedition across its varied landscapes.


In just 500 kilometers, you’ll encounter more diversity in terrain and scenery than anywhere else in Europe, or perhaps even the world. It’s not just a journey; it’s a revelation, an awakening. Nature becomes your mentor, guiding you through a land sculpted by ancient ice.


From the bustling streets of Oslo to the charming allure of Bergen or Stavanger; from the remote beauty of Nordkapp to the southern tip of Lindesnes; or perhaps from the historic charm of Røros to the coastal enchantment of Ålesund. These odysseys could leap straight from the pages of a Tolkien saga, with you as the intrepid protagonist. Embrace the adventure, and let the magic of outstanding nature unfold before you.

Matthew Tolley
Founder of Cycle Norway, April 2023

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Three words… Everything is possible. In 2021, I undertook an epic cycling journey across the entirety of Norway in a single day. As I pedalled away from the Swedish border, the heavens smiled upon me with clear blue skies and a gentle breeze, offering ideal riding conditions. But as I ventured deeper into the central highlands, ominous clouds gathered, and the wind gained strength. And by the time I reached the majestic fjords, nature unleashed a tempest of epic proportions!


Transitioning from pristine blue skies to a heavy downpour may seem extraordinary, but in Norway, such weather fluctuations can happen. To navigate this land of changing weather patterns, one must be prepared for anything.


From chilling mountain plateaus to balmy valley floors, Norway’s climate is as diverse as its landscapes. For a deeper understanding, delve into our weather and climate page. Prepare wisely, for in Norway, nature’s whims can shape your journey in unexpected ways. But that’s part of the fun!

Public transport

Information about getting around Norway can be found on the full public transport page. Nevertheless, in short, Trains run across the country from Oslo to Bergen and Stavanger and up to Trondheim and Bodø above the Arctic country. Local and national buses also connect every small town and village you may pass. If you need some transport traversing the Norwegian land mass, it won’t be a problem to hop on along parts of your route. 

Local knowledge

Crossing Norway is a challenge on a bike. Not just a physical one but a logistical one. There are many tunnels, some of which are prohibited from cycling, and roads that only open during the warmer months. It took me days of research to plan my first route from Oslo to Bergen. Nothing is straightforward. If you’re unfamiliar with Norway and its roads, follow one of the many tried and tested routes on this site. Trying to build your own route across this mountainous country is unadvisable without the local knowledge or experience.


Day rides from the cities

Your final destination may be a city, but it doesn’t mean you must stop cycling. Check out the many day or base rides to add to your intinary from Norway’s cities. 

Just wrong clothing...

As you navigate this journey, you’ll be constantly adjusting your layers, so having the right clothing is key to staying comfortable. Explore our clothing page for more information, and if you’re curious about the specific garments we use, check out our amazing sponsor Velocio.


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