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Matthew Norway

    Hi Colin,

    a friend of mind did the race last year and has a lot of experience cycling in that area of Norway. Drop him an email and see if he has any advice for you. Name: Bjørn email: bgjevik@gmail.com

    The guy who won it last year posted this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SROaDLEIFgg

    If you have 3-4 weeks then I you can do a lot in that time. The race begins and starts in Tolga. You will experience a large amount of the highlights in that area of Norway, including Trollstigen, Tour de Dovre, Aursjøvegen, etc. Therefore, after the race, you could cycle up to Trondheim or take the train and then cycle the the Atlantic coast up to Tromsø (https://cyclenorway.com/routes/atlantic-coast-route/overview/). Then fly back to Oslo from there (see bike box page in the need to know section). Or you could re-cycle parts of the race route Tolga to Åndalsnes and continue through Fjord Norway to the south coast (https://cyclenorway.com/routes/norse-all-road-series/overview/fjord-norway). Use the website and see what routes appeal to you. Ensure you have several options. If the weather is bad in the North maybe you want to cycle the south and vis-vera.