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Avatar photoMatthew Norway

    Hi Fredrik, It sounds fantastic what you are about to do, and from Gothenburg, it should be very easy to get there and back.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any further written info on the route this year. Is it one of the many I will work on over the winter period. Nevertheless, I can try and answer all your questions here.

    I rode it last year and loved every minute of it. My only regret is not riding up Blåhøe (Norway’s highest gravel summit). If the weather is good, you must do it (it’s on the route)!

    1. The Great Norwegian Divide is the perfect long-distance gravel option and you can add further gravel if required. For example, you can do the Tour De Dovre and part of Mjølkevegen as additional add-ons and still manage to get back onto the route.

    Most of the route should be doable in Late June. The only section to be aware of is just south of Oppdal. Some snow might still be on the tracks up there, but I don’t think it will be too much of a problem. The weather has been so warm recently it might be all gone!

    Note, the first part from Trondheim is mainly paved and so is the case once you get close to Oslo.
    There are a few small hike-a-bike sections (100-200m – nothing difficult).

    If you go from the South to North you are more likely to have a tailwind (prevailing winds are from south east). But overall, I don’t think it makes too much of a difference.

    Wild camping is very easy in places, and I recommend bringing a tent. If you try and stay in hotels there are sections where you are limited with options.

    Another option, but has less gravel, is the Wilderness route: http://www.cyclenorway.com/routes/national-cycle-routes/overview/route-9/
    The Great Norwegian Divide follows part of this route.

    I hope this info helps. I’m here if you need more help.