How to Mitigate the Bad Weather

The weather across Northern Europe is unsettled right now.

Here are Eight Tips to help mitigate the weather when Bikepacking.

  1. Ensure you download the YR App and check the hourly forecast for the areas you plan to cycle that day.
  2. Remember you have close to 24-hour daylight – use it! If it’s raining in the morning, ride later. If it’s planned to rain in the afternoon, leave early. If it’s planned to rain hard for an hour, find shelter and sit it out.
  3. On very wet days, reduce your kilometers and make up for the lost time on the drier days.
  4. Have accommodation organized in advance. Knowing you have somewhere to dry off and provide shelter is a weight off your mind when cycling.
  5. Don’t allow your budget to blind your common sense. Sometimes it’s worth breaking your budget for a room to dry everything and sleep well.
  6. Have flexibility. Be willing to change your route. Use Public transport to skip areas with bad weather. It might be dry on the east side if it’s wet on the coast. You will find many routes on Cycle Norway; changing your itinerary/route may be a good course of action at times.
  7. If you are not comfortable on the bike, replace your gear. Cheap gloves that freeze your hands or waterproof pants that don’t breathe must be replaced. Norway has very good sports shops with good knowledgeable staff. Good gear is worth the investment!
  8. Enjoy the contrast of scenery unsettled weather offers. Misty mountain tops or the sun breaking through the clouds after a day of overcast weather can be very special to experience on the road.

Panoramic view of Bergen town on a cloudy day as seen from the top of Mount Ulriken, Norway

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