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    Hi Benny,

    Here are my suggestions/answers

    “Or is it a better idea to reverse the route and ride from Oslo->Haugastol->Oppdal?” – I don’t think it matters but you will in general get more tailwind heading North than south. On the otherhand, you may want to get the tough mountain pass roads done first with the legs being fresh. The trip back to Oslo is more flat and perhaps better to do at the end?

    Second idea – From Haugastøl you could cycle the loop part of Route 4 but you might have already done a part of it on Fjord Norway? It’s pretty spectacular but also the ride back to Oslo is very nice through the forest areas. You should play it by ear based on the weather and your energy levels. http://www.cyclenorway.com/routes/national-cycle-routes/overview/route-4/

    Third Idea – Take a train from Haugastøl to Voss and cycle from there to Bergen either on Cycle Route 6 or on the Oslo to Bergen route through Hardanger.

    Rallarvegen – there has been a lot of snow in the mountains this winter. I do not expect the route will be fully open until mid but more likely late July. However, the 30km Haugastøl to Finse part is usually open. The other part you can skip with a train if it’s not clear of snow.