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    Hi Matthew. We are really flexible. Our ferry will come into Kristiansand and our only limitation is that we have three full weeks in Norway so realistically we don’t want to be driving further north than Tromso. We will try to follow the weather as much as possible and in an ideal world would do a loop covering some coastal areas, crossing through the fjords and higher mountains and then over and down the east of the country which we didn’t see much of last year. My partner is keen on seeing some really nice coastal areas and I have been looking at walks between Alesund and Floro. I was also looking at the area around Roros and there looks to be a dead end road heading east from there that might be a nice out and back. In short, anywhere in the southern part of Norway! We have specifically bought and borrowed gravel bikes for this trip so anything thats a nice introduction to gravel would also make me happy!