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Matthew Norway

    Hi Christine,

    This, unfortunately, has been an unprecedented event that I have never witnessed before to this level. I have stated on the home page advice that you should follow.

    1) Try to speak with locals if unsure about the condition of your route.
    2) Check the Traffic and road map for information about possible disruptions or hazards. https://www.vegvesen.no/trafikk/kart#/?lat=65&lng=15&zoom=3&layer=fer,tra,ctv,tfl
    3) Avoid mountain passes and low-quality gravel roads.
    4) Rivers could flood very quickly without warning.
    5) We recommend not wild camping for your own safety.
    6) Many roads are currently closed (as of 9.8). See here for updates. https://www.vegvesen.no/trafikkinformasjon/reiseinformasjon/fjelloverganger/?lang=nb
    7) Rallarvegen is not advised over the next few days as parts of the road may have been badly damaged.
    8) Use public transport where possible to skip any dangerous areas.
    9) Many trains are currently not in service due to flooding.

    The route from Ålesund to Vinstra goes over mountain passes. The weather site here https://www.yr.no/en shows you warnings. Currently, there are warnings of landslides until Saturday on your route.

    You should consider waiting a few days for the worst weather to pass or use public transport to reach other routes less impacted (south coast, etc).

    Safe journey.