Opening & Closure of Roads​


There are well over 100 mountain roads in Norway many of which are closed for large periods of the year. Only the main roads that are essential to keeping supplies moving are kept open with the help of snowplows. The less essential roads usually close when heavy snow starts to fall in late autumn or early winter. 

In March and April, road opening teams with heavy machinery get to work on clearing the closed mountain roads. Every year they experienced different conditions. Sometimes there are massive amounts of snow that take time to clear. In other years a lack of snowfall means the roads are quickly cleared and opened well on schedule. However, you must remember even if a road opens quickly spring in the mountains is a volatile time with avalanche threats present. Mountain roads may close without prior notice and fresh snowfall may keep them closed for a period of time. 

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has a webpage dedicated to the mountain roads and their current status. It is currently only in Norwegian but I think you can figure out red = closed and green = open. You can also sign up for their text message service on the same page. Choose the roads you wish live updates on and you will get live messages sent to your phone.

There is also a Traffic and Road information line at +47 815 48 991. But don’t expect any further information than what is already online. 

National Scenic Routes opening dates

Most of these roads stay open until October or later with the exception of Gamle Strynefjellsvegen.

Aurlandsfjellet: Usually opens early June

Gamle Strynefjellsvegen: Usally open mid June and closes end of September. 

Gaularfjellet: Usually opens early May

Geiranger/Dalsnibba: Usually opens late May

Sognefjellet: Usually opens late April / early May

Ryfylke: Usually opens mid May

Trollstigen: Usually opens early May

Valdresflye: Usually opens late March /early April

Varanger: Usually opens mid May

Overview of all roads: https://www.nasjonaleturistveger.no/en/press/roads-closed-in-winter/

If you cycle the mountain passes in May and early June you may experience the famous snow walls.

Sognefjellet mountain pass in May

Entrance to Trollstigen in early May - Closed!

Other Popular Mountain

The current status of all of Norway’s major mountain roads can be found here and a smaller overview here.

Lysevegen: The famous 27 switchback road to Lysefjorden starts in Setedal and crosses 85km of mountains. The roads usually open mid/late May. 

Tindervegen: (private road): Usually opens 1st May 

Gaustadtoppen: (Fv. 3430 Tuddal – Svineroi) – Usually opens mid May.

Røldalsfjellet: Usually open mid-June but the road info has been removed from vegvesen.no website. You could call the ski center in the area for info +47 53654800

Imingfjellet: Usually opens late May 

Lenningsvegen: Usually opens early June

Friisvegen: Usually opens early June

Juvasshytta: Norway’s highest road usually opens late May until end of September 

Folgefonna: opens early/mid May 

Stalheimsklevia: Completely closed due to landslide. It may open again this summer but nothing is guaranteed.

Gravel Mountain Roads

The best time to ride most of the high mountain gravel routes is in August and September when you are guaranteed clear roads. 

A good rule of thumb. Most gravel roads will be free of snow (or dry enough to cycle):

  • Sea Level – 200m: Mid-April to Early May.
  • 200m-500m: Mid to late May
  • 500m – 800m: Mid to late June
  • 800m+: Mid to late July.

Most mountain gravel roads will close in late September. Forest gravel is usually still ridable in October. 

Mjølkevegen: This is a long 250km gravel route and officially opens on 20th June each year and closes in late September / early October. There are several roads on the route including Jotunheimvegen and Slettefjellet.

Tyin-Eidsbugarden: Usually opens early June

Rallarvegen: The first part from Haugastøl – Finse is usually free of snow early July. The second part from Finse – Myrdal is usually good to cycle from mid-July. However, you still might have to push your bike over some snow parts. You can skip Finse – Hallingskeid section using the train if snow is still an obstacle. The official season states 6th July to 18th of September.

Aursjøvegen (private road): Opens 1st June until the first snowfall in late September / early October. 

Tour De Dovre: Grimsdalen Valley usually opens mid June.

1000-Meteren in Årdal: Usually it is free of snow mid-July. 

Rondvassbu: Rondane gravel road to the DNT cabin. The cabin opens 23rd June until 17th.

Tronfjellveien: The 1666m climb on gravel – recommend Late July to late September 

Blåhø: The 1671m climb on gravel – recommend Late July to late September

Hardangervidda: the mountain cabin Kalhovd opens 3rd July – 6th September 

Fanitulvegen: usually opens early July until late September 

Peer Gynt Vegen (private road): Usually opens early June 

The snow walls add an extra chill to your ride. Wrap up warm!

Walking the bike through a snow section on Rallarvegen mid July 2022

Landslides, Maintenance, & Accidents

Norway’s nature is alive and while you cycle through the valleys you will hear small rocks tumbling down the mountains. Each year landslides occur blocking roads and causing disruptions. I have experienced several while cycling the country. Sometimes the detour can be several hundred kilometers! I have hiked my bike around some and others had to turn around and find an alternative route.

Maintenance of tunnels and bridges and unexpected road accidents can also cause you problems. In 2022 a tunnel closure along the National Cycle Route 1 route in Senja caused a lot of inconvenience for cyclists on that route. At Cycle Norway we will try and inform our members of major road closures and discuss the alternatives.

Nevertheless, a good rule of thumb is to check this map before setting off on a route. It will offer the most updated information on delays and work being carried out on the roads across Norway. On the map, you should only be concerned about the red no-entry ⛔️ signs everything else is usually not a problem for a cyclist. 

Tunnel closed due to maintenance

In 2022 I experienced landslides on Sognefjellet and Øvre Årdal mountain roads.

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