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Atlantic Ocean Road

Full Route Info & GPX files

We offer you the most comprehensive long and short-distance routes ever compiled by experienced cyclists. Every area, both paved and gravel, with an in-detail overview of local tips, advice, and what you need to know about each long-distance route. We are the experts you’ve been looking for.

Videos, News & articles to inspire.

Our main videos are always free on our YT channel. But our members will get exclusive videos or early YT releases with no ads. In addition, we’ll keep you updated with any important news (landslides, road closures, etc), and keep you inspired with our articles and stories from the road.


Our Forum is an ideal way to bring members and our experienced bikepacking team together. Specific route questions or individual circumstances can be addressed here. It also gives you the opportunity to reach out to other members who may be cycling simular routes or on the road at the same time.

Events , Discounts, and Better Cycling Infrastructure

Each year Cycle Norway will invite its annual members to a special event at a famous location here in Norway. We also offer discounts on bikepacking brands and will show how your membership contributes to improving Norway’s cycling infrastructure. 

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