Gear List


Preparing for a multi-day bike adventure presents a constant challenge of knowing what to bring. Each item adds weight to your bike, impacting its speed, handling, and overall enjoyment. Striking a balance between comfort and weight becomes a perpetual dilemma with no definitive answer. Many cyclists tend to overpack, and it’s crucial to reassess every item’s necessity.

Norway is a modern and developed country with excellent facilities; there’s no need to carry an oversized first aid kit or lug around excessive water storage. If you’re uncertain about its necessity, seek advice in our forum!

In the sections below, we’ll explore options tailored to the Norwegian climate. Keep in mind that gear suitable for other countries may not be ideal here. To assist you, we’ve provided a downloadable checklist to ensure you don’t overlook any essential items. Happy packing!

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We're working on a comprehensive Clothes List page and this will be available soon.