Tunnels, Discounts, and Exciting Cycling Events in 2024

The dark winter is now in full motion here in Norway, meaning many hours will be spent indoors updating Cycle Norway and adding new information. I’m pleased to announce the first part of our comprehensive tunnel info has been completed and can be accessed here. https://cyclenorway.com/tunnels – I wished I had known this information when I started cycling.

In addition, tunnel information needs a video to show you what it’s like cycling through them. I have started working on this exclusive video to accompany the page and hope to finish it in January. I also hope to complete the other need-to-know pages before the end of February. This means by spring, you will have a book’s worth of information specifically about cycling in Norway!

In other news, during the last month, we have finalised the deal to bring on two new sponsors offering fantastic deals for our annual members.

Velocio Apparel: Creates high-quality cycling apparel made from the finest materials, focused on a better riding experience. Based in New Jersey, their clothing has become one of the best on the market. In 2024, I look forward to using many of their products out on the road. I’m especially looking forward to using their merino wool range as this is the perfect material for a Norwegian climate. Merino wool keeps you warm even when wet and is a natural anti-bacterial material that prevents odour. Discovery their Merino wool range here:

All Cycle Norway Members get an incredible 20% discount off the whole range! This discount alone can easily cover your membership costs here!

We are also introducing Norway’s finest bike manufacturer, Fara Cycling. I’ve been using Fara bikes on and off for several years and find their all-road bike the perfect model for bikepacking. It’s light and fast, with clearance of up to 38mm tires. The geometry is designed for more comfort on long rides whilst maintaining a good average speed. It’s perfect for the whole of Norway: gravel forest roads, steep mountain climbs, or the remote, windy arctic tundra. This bike has served me well and never let me down.

Come January, all Cycle Norway members get 100 euros off any of their bike ranges. You can pick up a new bike at their Oslo store or have it delivered worldwide. They also offer an excellent aftercare service, putting larger brands to shame. Don’t get me started with some brand’s aftercare services!

To see all the discounts we offer our Annual Members, visit here: https://cyclenorway.com/annual-membership/

Lastly, I know a lot of members have been asking about the dates for our Trollstigen event in September 2024. We are finalising the logistics as we speak and are excited to launch the dates very soon (either before Christmas or just after). There will be two different events next year (June & September), and all Cycle Norway annual members get first guaranteed on the limited places available. Please be on the lookout for an email in the coming weeks.

Until then, it’s back to editing the new tunnel video and finishing the events info.

I’ll be in touch again soon. Happy holidays!

Matthew, Founder of Cycle Norway

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