Determining the appropriate clothing for an expedition across Norway’s diverse terrains and climates poses a multifaceted challenge. There’s no one-size-fits-all guide, and your choices should align with personal preferences. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge the potential for temperature swings exceeding 20°C/68°F on certain days. Mastering the art of layering, both adding and shedding as needed, becomes imperative to regulate body temperature, with the choice of materials significantly impacting your overall comfort.

The underestimated harsh conditions that can be experienced in the mountainous and arctic regions contrast sharply with the warmth experienced in lowlands and coastal areas. It might initially seem counterintuitive to pack gloves and wool clothing during a sunny departure from Oslo in the height of summer. However, two days later, traversing a lofty mountain pass swathed in numerous layers, the wisdom behind every item mentioned below will become abundantly clear.

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