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Matthew Norway

    Hi Chris,

    To clarify, the Norge på langs is a route showing you the quickest way from South to North. It’s mainly for Norwegians who are looking to complete the epic journey in the fastest time possible. It has nothing to do with the most scenic areas. You clearly have a very good grasp of all the different route options heading North, many of which are on the website. If you plan to cycle form Lindesnes to Nordkapp you should choose a route that best suits you and ignore the Norge på lang. Flexibility is the key and make sure you don’t try and do too much. The first time I cycled to Nordkapp i took eurovelo 1 along the coast. Second time I did more the fjord Norway route. If you try and add too many famous roads, you end up zig-zagging across the country and will regret what you’re doing.

    The questions you ask are beyond the scope of this forum.It would take way too much time to explain the complexity of these questions. If you want to jump on a call and discuss every option in detail and talk through your route, I’d be happy to do so. You can book here: https://calendly.com/cyclenorway