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Cycle Norway is regularly contacted by companies that want to collaborate with us. The majority of these requests we turn down. We have built over time a strong relationship with our members/subscribers based on trust and respect. The use of clickbait and other short-term strategies to increase views and followers is not part of our values. Only products, services, and places that we believe can add value to our members/subscribers will be promoted on our website or social media channels. 

Below you’ll find more details about the services and opportunities available to businesses.

Media Kit
We're currently collecting data from this website and our other channels. We will publish this in a downloadable media kit in 2024

Media & Press

If you work for a media company and would like to inquire about Cycle Norway you are welcome to contact us: info@cyclenorway.com 

Website Sponsorship

Increase your Customer Base

A core principle of our website design is to keep it simple, clean, and easy to understand. Many travel websites overload pages with too much information structured in an eye-sore way. Annoying Google ads and flashing or pop-up advertisements are a big no for our site.

This design leaves prime space for welcoming banners that fit and promote the content we write about. For example, we are happy to promote a quality hotel or tourist attraction on a page dedicated to that area of Norway. Banners that are directly related to the page will generate more clicks and can enhance the page content. 

For organizations that financially support our work a promotional linked logo of your brand is displayed at the bottom of many of our pages. 

To discuss possibilities email: info@cyclenorway.com 

Product Promotion

Bike or Travel related

Products must be useful & practical for cycling or travel and of high quality, with good aftercare service and communication. If you feel your organization meets our requirements please get in touch and we can discuss what synergies would work best. Cycle Norway can directly promote or review quality products through our Youtube channel, website, social media, and at events and other environments where we can reach our audience. 

To discuss possibilities email: info@cyclenorway.com 

"We believe Restrap offers quality products that can enhance the cycling or travel experience we promote. We are happy to have them on board."

Video Production

Promotion of an Area or Event

Cycling and filming is not an easy combination but when you get it right the videos can be compelling, moving, and inspirational. Cycle Norway has made videos for organizations which reached over half a million views on YouTube. We have successfully promoted places where the local tourism board struggles to make an impact. We can also turn a simple vlog about a little day ride into a world of wonder and excitement. 

If you’re after a full production with a professional camera crew, audio technician, and director, you should seek out a production company. At Cycle Norway we make the videos that YouTube has become famous for. Personal, genuine, with a compelling story at its heart. It is our job to point, shoot and capture the moments that seem insignificant at the time, but turn into an editor’s dream in post-production. We find It’s the imperfections that often enhance the video. But rest asure our filming and edit quality will make the video standout.

Our customers include, Nasjonale turistveger (Norwegian Scenic Routes), Statenvegen (Norway’s Public Road Administration), and Hurtigruten.

To discuss possibilities email: info@cyclenorway.com 


For Businesses that require our Expertise

Cycle Norway has a huge wealth of experience in the Norwegian tourism industry and beyond. We have traveled to every region of the country and built relationships with many different people from all backgrounds. Whether you’re looking for locations as a backdrop for a photo shoot or video production, require local knowledge or have a specific plan or route you’d like looking over? You can schedule an initial 1-hour consultation with Cycle Norway’s founder. Further consultations can be arranged if required. We ask that you send a summary of your business and objectives in Norway. This will ensure we have a productive hour together.

The initial 1-hour consultation is 150 euros and 120 euros for any further hours required. This service is limited during peak summer (June to August) when we are mainly out of the office and traveling the country.

Please note that this service is not available to individuals. 

To arrange a time: info@cyclenorway.com 

Organisations that support our work