Bike Rental & Repair


There are many bike rental places all around the country. Bike/Sports Shops, Hotels/Campsites, and Tourist Information Centers are the three most common places. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to navigate some websites, and information is often poorly presented. Below you will find a map with rental companies located in major population areas where most people will start or end their journey. For more specific areas such as famous gravel routes, we have highlighted them in the ‘famous areas’ section. 

The costs vary depending on the type of bike and rental length. Basic bikes can start at around 25 euros a day and premium bikes can be up to 85 euros. Some companies include helmets, puncture repair kits, and pedals in the price. Others charge extra. Ideally, you should bring your own pedals if renting a premium road bike and we recommend everyone bring or rent a high-quality light set (for the tunnels and main roads). Lastly, only a handful of places offer bike bag rental. We have highlighted the ones we’re aware of below. 

Bike Repair & Maintenance

Norway is filled with bike repair shops. You will find many choices in the cities and every small town will have at least one place to get basic repairs. 

I can only recommend the ones I’ve used which are limited but you should expect many of the chain sports shops to offer a good standard of service and repair throughout Norway. In the community forum, you can ask for specific recommendations based on the location you require. 

Please note bike repair services can be expensive in Norway as the average wages are perhaps higher than in most other European countries. My advice is to have your bike serviced at home before arriving as this will reduce any problems occurring on the road. 

If you use Google to search for a nearby bike workshop the Norwegian word is ‘sykkelverksted’


Nationwide Workshops:

XXL: https://www.xxl.no/service/sykkelverksted/sykkelservice-pakker

Inter-Sport: https://www.intersport.no/stores

Sport 1: https://www.sport1.no/butikker/sport1royken/sykkelservice/

Places personally recommended:


Paahjul: https://paahjuloslo.bestille.no/OnCust2/#!/

Ivars Sykkelsjappe: https://www.ivarssykkelsjappe.no/?fbclid=IwAR0oZIffAqno7EkdsOJIVsySSdvKndULowjTIX6Kf0rgrMp1HLvj6lJnh-c

Glåmdals Sykkel & Verksted: https://www.facebook.com/GlaamdalSykkelVerksted

BikeFixx: https://bikefixx.no/

Oslo Bike Rental: https://oslobikerental.no/service


Paahjul: https://rogaland.paahjul.no/


Tromsø Outdoors: https://www.tromsooutdoor.no/workshop

Please note: I have had reports that Tromsø Outdoors are very slow at responding to emails.

Tråkk 9000: https://trakk9000.no/

Naustdal (Eurovelo 1 north of Bergen near Førde)

Jorn Kenneth Osland: Osland Sykkel og Vedlikehald 

If you have any of your own personal recommendations please let us know – feedback@cyclenorway.com

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