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When responsibility is abdicated opportunity arises

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The idea behind Cycle Norway started in January 2022. The lack of practical information has frustrated international and domestic tourists for years. In Norway, the tourism board, local counties, and municipalities promote cycling. Navigating these sites is time-consuming, and you will find that much of the information is geared toward novice cyclists.

“Planning a cycling holiday can easily take longer than the trip itself. The internet is overflowing with information for cycle tourists and it can be difficult to find your way in the jungle”

Cycle Norway decided enough was enough. Norway desperately needed a comprehensive website written by knowledgeable and experienced people  – one website to rule them all. We put together a well-thought-out business plan, and off we headed to find funding. Over the next six months Cycle Norway spent a lot of time meeting people in the public and private sectors. This was done by delivering talks and presentations at conventions and state-run organizations. Applying for funding turned out to be a full-time job. It became frustrating to spend days of arduous work only to be stereotyped and put into the ‘no’ category. 

"Hi and thank you for your inquiry to Innovation Norway, Based on the information you have sent us, we understand this project as an initiative to promote Norway as a cycle destination through a website that you will build. 
I am afraid that this project is unlikely to qualify for support from Innovation Norway. We receive a lot of inquiries and applications regarding different digital platforms and websites. The technical complexity of these solutions are often limited. Innovation Norway does not consider applications and platforms to be innovative in themselves."

However, some good news came through in October 2022. The cycling department within the Norwegian Public Road Administration agreed to make a small but very welcome contribution to building the site. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to fully fund the project, and by November, time was running out. We had to throw caution to the wind and go for it!

Money may not bring happiness but it solves many problems and frees up time to focus on worthwhile matters. The six months between November 2022 and April 2023 were one of the most challenging and difficult periods to overcome on a tight budget. In Norway, the wisest thing to do is buy a house with your life savings and get a comfortable job with all the security that it offers. Risk is a risky business to participate in and every day there is a devil on your shoulder whispering “what are you doing?”   

But like cycling, it is the struggle itself that is most significant. We must strive to become more than we are. It does not matter if we do not reach our ultimate goal. The effort always yields its own rewards. And thus, after thousands of unpaid hours, on a shoestring budget, we have built and launched a website. But not any old website. We hope this will inspire and help thousands of people experience Norway’s wonders by bike. For the first time, Norway has an ‘official’ cycling website with real potential. 

Our main goals are to continue building and updating the site by adding further route information, local knowledge, and inspiration. To continue to lead the way in promoting Norway as a cycling destination on Youtube. To stride to be the most innovative, well-presented and informative travel site in Norway. And most importantly, ensure the site is commercially viable for all this diligent work and passion to continue. 

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